On the occasion of the 650th anniversary of its foundation, Hungary’s first university the University of Pécs kindly invites you to the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Consumption - Experiences and Perspectives in Central European Context. The conference is organised by the University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics Institute of Marketing and Tourism, and will be held on 23-24 March, 2017 in the city of Pécs, Hungary.

Aims of the conference

Many disciplines concern the research of consumption theory and practice, but the scientific achievements and models they provide rarely cross the disciplinary borders. This fact does not favour the emergence of synergic effects, cross-disciplinary pathways and interdisciplinary results. The post-transition context of Central European countries creates a further particular dimension to this issue. We organize the International Interdisciplinary Conference on Consumption - Experiences and Perspectives in Central European Context with the aim of offering opportunities for exploring, recording and sharing the existing consumption research results on Central Europe and also initiating interdisciplinary collaborations between the representatives of different consumption research fields.

Conference program

The first day of the conference is for plenary sessions, while the second day is for parallel thematic sessions of different consumption themes. The conference program is available on the conference official website: http://consumption2017.ktk.pte.hu/program.

The Scientific and the Organizing Committees are pleased to announce the conference keynote speaker:

Professor Gerhard Schulze, author of the best-seller „Die Erlebnisgesellschaft” University of Bamberg, Germany, Chair of Sociology, especially Methods of Empirical Social Research 
Dr. Margit Keller, Institute of Social Studies University of Tartu, Estonia and also Sociology of Consumption Research Network, European Sociological Association

The language of the conference is English.

Conference themes

The Scientific Committee of the conference offers the following thematic areas for academics and other experts in the field of consumption research to submit abstracts for presentations in parallel sessions:

  • Consumption patterns – cultures and modernization of consumption
  • Ethical consumption
  • Offline and online consumption communities
  • Inequality and consumption
  • Politics and consumption or consumer democracy
  • Consumer response to the crisis – consumption after the crisis
  • New content of symbolic consumption
  • Understanding consumers – new ways of research methodology
  • Consumption, leisure time, tourism
  • New forms and institutions of consumption (e.g. shared, collaborative)

Upon further evaluation and selection of conference presentations, the organizers will invite authors to submit full papers to the special issue of  the Hungarian Journal of Marketing and Management.